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Specialized Accounting for Non Profit Organizations

We provide a full range of services related to taxes and accounting for non profit organizations. Certain reports and accounting methods are unique to non profit organizations and it's critical to understand and follow them.

There are different solutions to non profit organizations' accounting and bookkeeping needs.

  • Small non profit organizations generally need bank account reconciliation, credit card transaction recording, payroll journal entry, depreciation and other adjustments on a monthly basis.
  • For medium sized organizations, generally outsourced accounting and monthly reviews by an accountant are important.
  • Every organization has a different model. Their accounting needs should follow the organizational model closely to provide useful information. This alignment of your accounting with the organization's model allows you to manage the business efficiently and effectively.
  • Before committing to any type of a monthly bookkeeping arrangement, we discuss the organizations' needs with you to customize your accounting to your specific needs.

Non profit organizations work with very tight budgets and need to make wise financial decisions in every area of the organization. Accurate and timely bookkeeping and accounting for non profit organizations provides the executive director and the entire organization with critical information to manage the organization. Please remember that the financial and accounting information needs to be both timely and accurate. If one of these two elements is missing, the financial information is of little use. Without a solid accounting and bookkeeping system, non profit organizations will be missing an important analytical tool. Further, many grant donors and regulatory agencies need reports that can be easily obtained with an accounting system.

Compliance with tax authorities is another important aspect of a solid accounting system. Preparing accurate tax returns for non profit organizations (Form 990 or Form 990N) is critical and must be timely.

Contact us to provide you with information on your non profit organization's accounting, bookkeeping and tax requirements. We proudly serve clients across the East Bay from Pleasant Hill, Alamo, Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda, Walnut Creek, Concord, and Berkeley.

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