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As a small business owner in Walnut Creek, getting your company's taxes organized takes planning and preparation. Unless you structure your business finances in a tax-efficient manner, you could end up paying more tax than necessary. However, most small business owners are not experts in tax law and could better focus their energies on developing new products or services to ensure that their customers remain satisfied.

The solution to your business tax planning and preparation is to pass those duties to a firm of specialists who can assist you to set up vital financial systems. Capital Tax and Accounting provides advice and guidance on business taxation in Walnut Creek. Our skilled team of tax specialists understands the need to structure your business finances in a way that reduces your tax liability while remaining compliant with all the necessary state and federal tax regulations.

Tax Legislation and Regulations

The laws and regulations that govern state and federal taxation change all the time. Unless you are undertaking tax planning and preparation on a regular basis, it is easy to make a mistake or omit a vital piece of information. Capital Tax and Accounting are Walnut Creek experts in the field of tax consulting. Because we undertake tax planning on a daily basis, we have a thorough understanding of the complications that businesses face when submitting their tax returns.

At Capital Tax and Accounting, we are committed to enhancing our knowledge of the changing tax rules by dedicating ourselves to continuing education in our field. You can be confident that the tax professionals within our team have extensive, up-to-date knowledge of all the current legislation and regulations to help your keep more money where your small business needs it most.

Minimize Your Tax Liability

In order to remain profitable, businesses must minimize the amount that they pay to the IRS, where possible. Our Walnut Creek small business tax consulting firm can help businesses to implement financial strategies that reduce their tax burden. There are a range of steps that business owners can take to ensure that they keep more money in their pockets, including:

  • Deferring income or expenses;
  • Utilizing tax efficient investment vehicles; or
  • Dividing income between tax entities or individuals

All of the strategies recommended by our tax specialists comply with relevant state and federal tax rules. We’re happy to help your business run more efficiently by reducing your financial responsibility to the IRS so you can keep more money where you need it most.

Organizing Your Accounts

When small or medium-sized companies are busy dealing with customers and developing new business, day-to-day accounting processes and procedures may become neglected. If you find that your bookkeeping has fallen behind, you can engage us to remedy the situation. Our Walnut Creek business accounting and services can bring order out of the chaos. You can rely on us to bring your bookkeeping up to date. We can then assist you to prepare a full schedule C for your business, together with your personal tax return, if necessary.

We will assist you to set up accounting systems that are easy to use. This will ensure that you do not revert back to a situation where your day-to-day accounting tasks are neglected.

Contact our Walnut Creek small business tax consulting firm today to find out how we can help your business minimize its tax liabilities.





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